e-Angels Clubs

In light of recent tragic events in Parkland, Florida, and elsewhere throughout our country, the importance of social and emotional education cannot be understated. Regardless of socio-economic status, all students must be provided with tools to manage their emotions and social interactions in a way that promotes optimal outcomes in the classroom and beyond. Research shows a positive correlation between character education and desired student behaviors perceived by teachers and school administrators.


e-Angels Club was developed to provide students with a framework for making healthy choices in their daily lives and for appreciating their value to their community through the intrinsic rewards of service to others.


The values taught in e-Angels Club are conveyed through activities of service. Transformation occurs through investment of time and talent. Financial donations are not required, encouraged, or even mentioned. The goal is to develop happy, healthy, well-adjusted children.

Send us a message if you are interested in seeing our syllabus. Let us know the name and location of your school as well as whether you are interested in the syllabus for elementary, middle, or high school:

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